We provide medical protection 24 hours a day in an ever-changing and restless world. Our Paramedics, operating out of Intensive Care Ambulances, are equipped to deal with high dependency patients and are available with zero response time (on site) or call-out from strategically selected base locations. We will tailor medical cover to fit the individual clients needs, incorporating our Ambulances and Staff and advise on the most appropriate Hospital Centre for emergency treatment. Our controllers will pass on the patient’s medical history to the receiving hospital before admission, ensuring no time is lost in administering life-saving procedures on arrival. In addition we can call on specialist medical practitioners to assist our Paramedics at all stages. For less pressing medical problems, we can provide ambulatory medical support or liaise with the accompanying physician, thus providing a superior service for our clients. Our customised medivac plan can be co-ordinated with our world-wide Aeromedical capability to produce an unrivalled level of overall cover.