Introduction to Medinet

Medinet is an independent information system which acts as a medical resource centre for the Internet. The creators of this service have collated information from paper-based sources, checked that it is current, and turned it into Net pages that will be continuously updated. Medinet will reference any topic, product or address in a comprehensive database of Medicine, particularly in ambulatory and occupational medicine.

These Net pages review equipment, list curriculum vitae, list current telephone numbers and postal addresses of Hospitals in London and NHS Trusts in the United Kingdom. Changes in the current Law with implications in medicine and nursing are included in a dedicated section.

Medinet also publishes research in Medicine, starting with a group of papers on civilian aviation medicine. Virtual publishing using Hypertext frees the writer from the tediousness of linking footnotes, endnotes and references to the text and the reader from distraction. Finally, The Paramedic is an electronic newsletter for those involved in such fields as offshore medical support, ambulance nursing and industry.

Recent Research (Aviation Medicine)

Patient Transportation - By air ambulance transfer

The Pre-Flight Workup - Criteria for assessing “fitness to fly”

Equipment Evaluation


Recent Regulations